Top 10 Best Web Sites for Real Estate Agents

   Reliable estimates have it that there are some 50 million Web sites online today. Give or take a few million, and you still have an enormous information resource available from the comfort of your keyboard.

#1 –
Real Estate ChampionsReal Estate Champions is my real estate training and coaching company and I wouldn’t be much of a salesperson if I didn’t believe our site was the best. It’s full of tools, tips, articles, and scripts that will help you advance your performance to the highest level.

Sign on frequently, as we constantly add new material, techniques, and guidance to help you achieve your dreams in life through your career as an agent. While at the site, sign up for the free newsletter, Coaches Corner, to receive weekly motivation, coaching, traini
ng, and mentoring.

#2 – is the official membership site for the National Association of Realtors (NAR), the voice for real estate. Designed for Realtors, the site is a wealth of information for anyone interested in real estate. It contains the latest information on housing sales and prices, as well as forecasts for the residential and commercial real estate markets prepared by NAR’s housing economists. The news section summarizes major trends and issues in real estate. REALTOR Magazine On-line contains how-to information for consumers and real estate professionals.

#3 –

Real Estate Website SEOWhat’s your plan for Internet leads? Are you being held hostage by the third-party interlopers who are extorting money from you for leads you deserve anyway?

This site contains information that will help you acquire Internet leads without paying a fortune to the third-party lead kidnappers or paying thousands of dollars a year for Pay-Per-Click traffic.

Do you need help with capturing, assessing, qualifying, and converting those leads to commission dollars?

#4 –
Inman NewsInman News is the nation’s leading independent real estate news service. It is the content provider to more than 250 U.S. newspapers and over 50,000 Web sites, reaching millions of consumers each day through clients and partners such as The Los Angeles Times, Miami Herald, Washington Post, Denver Post, San Francisco Chronicle, Chicago Tribune, Yahoo!, Microsoft, Google, The Wall Street Journal Online, CBS Marketwatch, and many more.

The Inman site offers free daily real estate news updates, featured home and newsmaker videos, and a blog where industry leaders “sound off.” It also offers information-based products and services for real estate professionals and consumers, and it links you to information on Inman’s two annual technology conferences for the real estate industry.

#5 –
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Real Estate School of ChampionsLikely by now you’ve passed your licensing exam and are in the early days of your career. What you learned in your original real estate school gave you a good bearing, but it isn’t enough to assure that you’ll make it to the top in the real estate business. As an analogy, think of real estate school completion as akin to getting your high school diploma. It’s the gate-opener for all future education.

The Real Estate School of Champions is a Web-based training location for self-paced, ongoing real estate education. My company designed this online school to take you through the additional levels of education necessary for your ongoing success. Think of it as the place where you can get your real estate college education, obtain your graduate degree, and complete your doctoral program. For anyone serious about building a successful career and business in real estate, this Web site is a must.

#6 –
RECyberThis site is the online home of the Real Estate Cyberspace Society and it’s loaded with features for real estate pros. Click on the “Top 25 E-Tools” button to access one of the site’s most popular sections, with all tools free to any visitor. This site also links you into Real Estate CyberSpace Radio, where you can listen to briefings (backed by handout summaries) from the top real estate trainers and agents.

The Real Estate Cyberspace Society produces the annual National Real Estate On-Line Convention that attracts over 40,000 attendees each year. Society membership information is available on the site’s home page and is worth your serious consideration.

#7 –
Realty TimesRealty Times is the premier news and advice Web site for real estate consumers and industry professionals. It offers unique market conditions reports from industry experts that tell consumers which way the wind blows in any local real estate market.

The site also provides schedules and information for Realty Times TV, the first news-based home buying show in the nation, broadcasting weekends on national TV. Segments include Realty Times Outlook, Mortgage Moment, Viewer Questions and Market Conditions Overview, as well as, video tours of fifty to seventy homes across the U.S. and Canada.
Visit the site regularly to keep your finger on the pulse of the real estate marketplace and to tap into a volume of industry information that will help you build a successful career in the real estate business.

#8 –
RealtyUFormed in 1995, RealtyU has developed into the nation’s largest network of real estate schools with over 240 campuses across North America. Collectively, RealtyU has over 500 qualified and licensed educators that offer more than 6,000 courses and programs every year. In 2005 RealtyU Schools taught over 305,000 agents in classrooms and 35,000 online. RealtyU also manages on online bookstore targeted at helping Agents locate quality and hard-to-find real estate books, as well as products focused at increasing agent productivity.

#9 –
IREDIRED, the International Real Estate Digest, is a leading source for independent real estate information. The site contains one of, if not the most inclusive directories of real estate resources available. It includes more than 50,000 links to real estate-related Web sites, each reviewed by IRED for appropriate and useful content before being added to the directory, which is segmented for use by professionals and consumers in 110 countries.
The site is rich with tools and resources for real estate gents and mortgage lenders, with the majority of the resources specific to the interests of the agent community.

#10 –
Dirk Zeller RecommendsWith so much available information, the resources on this list could have run dozens of pages long. Instead, I decided to create a site specifically designed to keep you connected to the best agent products and services in the real estate industry. Visit for information on continuously updated resources that I’ve carefully evaluated to ensure your safety and satisfaction.